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User settings

These settings must be saved in a text file called user_settings.conf inside the application folder (an empty file should be present at this location).

Be sure to use the latest version so all settings are available.

You must restart the application after changing any of these settings.

User settings should be used with caution. Some may cause the application to be more unstable.

User setting names don't contain spaces.

List of user settings

Name Type Default value Preview
core.logs.verbose Boolean 0 / false
Activate the verbose mode so the application displays more information in the log files.
core.locale [ ar, en, es, fr, it, ko, lt, pt, ru, sk, tr ] empty
Force a different language other than the one of the device.
core.custom_location_printer [ grid, xy, d, dm, dms ],String empty
Define a custom coordinate format. The first part is the display format, the second part is the OGC WKT of the projection (for example something like this).
core.bearing_decimals Integer 2 bearing-decimals.jpg
Define the maximum number of decimals to use when displaying bearing units. String yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss
Define how to name pictures taken from the application, for example when creating picture waypoints (see accepted patterns here). Float [0.0 - 1.0] 1.0
Default volume of played sounds from proximity alerts and followed paths. [3, 4, 5] 4
System audio stream on which to play sounds: 3 (MUSIC), 4 (ALARM), 5 (NOTIF)
core.screen.orientation [PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE] empty
Force a particular screen orientation.
core.submenu.force_exit_button Boolean 0 / false display-close-menu-entry.jpg
Display an exit button in the main menu on all devices.
core.submenu.display_workspaces_chooser Boolean 1 / true
Display a chooser to switch workspace in the main sub-menu (only when at least one alternate workspace has been created). Boolean 1 / true
Display help buttons in the menus.
core.behavior.finish_on_external_map Boolean 0 / false
Close the application when selecting an external mapping application from the “Open with” action.
Main map
map.infobox.text_color String #212121 infobox-text-color.jpg
Define the display color of the texts displayed in the information boxes (see accepted colors here).
map.coordinates.main.color String #000000
Define the display color of the main coordinate format and grid (see accepted colors here).
map.coordinates.alternative.color String #0000FF
Define the display color of the alternative coordinate format and grid (see accepted colors here).
map.coordinates.share_crs String EPSG:4326
EPSG code of the coordinate reference system (CRS) to use when sharing a coordinate using the “Share” action. By default, the application uses the GPS coordinate system (code “EPSG:4326”)
map.coordinates.share_provider String null
URL of a mapping website to use in the “Share” action text message. The following variables are available: “{$longitude}”, “{$latitude}” and “{$zoom}”. The default URL is “{$latitude},{$longitude}”.
map.coordinates.openwith_provider.osm String null
URL of the website to use when selecting the “Open with OpenStreetMap Maps” action. The default URL is “{$zoom}/{$latitude}/{$longitude}”. String null
URL of the website to use when selecting the “Open with Google Maps” action. The default URL is “{$latitude},{$longitude}/@{$latitude},{$longitude},{$zoom}z”. String null
URL of the website to use when selecting the “Open with Yandex Maps” action. The default URL is “{$longitude}%2C{$latitude}&z={$zoom}&mode=whatshere&whatshere%5Bpoint%5D={$longitude}%2C{$latitude}&whatshere%5Bzoom%5D={$zoom}”.
map.buttons.offset_y Integer 0
Y pixels offset for the display of zoom buttons.
map.canvas.popup_comment_size Float 12.0 comment-text-size.jpg
Text size (in sp) of popup comments when clicking on a displayed landmark.
map.canvas.tiles_bitmap_config [RGB_565, ARGB_8888] RGB_565
Image quality (bitmap configuration) used for the map canvas tiles. ARGB_8888 has a better display quality but uses more memory (4 bytes instead of 2 for RGB_565).
map.canvas.smooth_end_move Boolean 1 / true
Define if the map continues to move a little after ending sliding it.
map.canvas.heading_size_factor Float 1.1
Display size factor for the current location heading arrow.
map.canvas.display_copyrights Boolean 1 / true
Display maps data copyright notice on the map.
map.canvas.display_center_icon Boolean 1 / true display_center_icon.jpg
Display the screen center icon.
map.canvas.center_point.radius Int 5
Radius (in dp) of the screen center icon.
map.canvas.display_osm_zoom_id Boolean 0 / false display-osm-zoom-id.jpg
Display the OSM/Google zoom index id in the map scale information box.
maps.debug Boolean 0 / false
Activate the debug mode for maps: increases logs for maps and displays map tile bounds and coordinates.
maps.explorer.cells_layer_alpha Float [0.1 - 0.9] 0.5
Alpha value of the white layer displayed over the previews in the Maps Explorer.
maps.features.favorites.ask_if_outofbounds Boolean 0 / false
When selecting a favorite map that doesn't cover the currently displayed area, ask the user to move to a covered area.
landmarks.painter.icons_factor Float 1.0 icons-display-factor.jpg
Display size factor for landmark icons.
landmarks.proximity.color String #A52A2A proximity-alerts-color.jpg
Color used to draw proximity alerts (see accepted colors here).
landmarks.explorer.display_full_bearing Boolean 0 / false landmarks-explorer-display-full-bearing.jpg
Display the bearing value to waypoint values in addition of the direction arrow in the Landmarks Explorer.
landmarks.creator.sets.ask_for_names Boolean 1 / true
Ask for waypoint names when creating sets of waypoints.
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks.explorer.display_root Boolean 0 / false landmarks-explorer-display-root.jpg
Display an entry allowing to select the device's root folder in the menu drawer of the Landmarks Explorer.
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks.open_file_auto_choice [ 0, 1, 2 ] 0 open_file_auto_choice.jpg
Action to make when opening a landmarks file to import (.gpx, .kml, etc.) from an external file manager: 0 (ask the user), 1 (browse content), 2 (display content).
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks.formats.gpx.export_wgs84_elevations Boolean 0 / false
Use the WGS84 elevations instead of the EGM96 elevations in exported GPX files.
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks.formats.gpx.export_geoidheight Boolean 0 / false
Write the “geoidheight” tag (see specification here) in exported GPX files (the geoid height is the difference in meters between the EGM96 elevation and the WGS84 elevation).
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks.formats.gpx.export_pictures Boolean 0 / false
Write “picture” tags containing the path of pictures associated with waypoints in exported GPX files.
landmarks.preprocessing.type [0, 1, 2] 2
Pre-processing type applied to tracks upon loading: 0 (no pre-processing), 1 (only check erroneous time values), 2 (check erroneous times and remove inaccurate points). The pre-processing setting must also be checked in the regular application preferences.
landmarks.preprocessing.max_passes Integer 10
Maximum iterations to make when removing inaccurate points.
geolocation.localisation.relock_delay_ms Integer 10000
Time (in milliseconds) after which to re-lock the GPS location if this option is checked in the main settings.
geolocation.localisation.painter.color_accurate String #0064FF
Color used to draw the current location when accurate (see accepted colors here).
geolocation.localisation.painter.color_inaccurate String #E30000
Color used to draw the current location when not accurate (see accepted colors here).
geolocation.localisation.egm96_adjustment.[provider] Boolean 1 / true for provider “gps”, 0 / false otherwise
Adjust provided WGS84 elevations to Geoid elevations using the EGM96 model for [provider] (ex: “gps”, “passive”).

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