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How to enter a coupon code?

To enter a coupon code:

  • Tap on the main menu icon and on “More…;
  • Select “Enter coupon;
  • Type the coupon code in without any spaces in a single line;
  • Tap on “Ok to validate the coupon code.

If the coupon code is valid, a success message is displayed.


How to report errors?

If you've experienced errors or any strange behaviors while using the application, don't hesitate to send us a report and a small description:

  • Click on the main menu icon and on “More…;
  • Select “Report errors.

If you want, you can check the log report that the application will send to us by clicking on .

  • Enter your e-mail address in the “Email text field so we can give you an update on the report;
  • Describe your problem precisely in the “Comment text field;
  • Click on “Ok to send the report.


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