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How to use workspaces?

Workspaces allow users to have different working environments in one single application. By having their own maps, workspaces are an easy way to work at different locations and with different maps.

Use cases:

  • You're going to Italy for a trip, and need to store maps for various places. When coming back, you want to clear all the data stored for Italy, but you also want to keep the data previously stored for all other areas. Just create a workspace called “Italy”, store all your related data in it, and when coming back, delete it.
  • You use the application at various locations, and for each location often need to switch between different maps. Just create a workspace for each location, and for each workspace add the maps you need and save some of them as favorite maps. You'll be able to change the location by switching the workspace, and maps by switching the favorite set.

Here is the list of items specific to each workspace:

  • Installed on-demand maps;
  • Displayed maps;
  • Favorite maps and sets;
  • Displayed location and zoom.

All other items are common to all workspaces, including:

  • Settings (selected coordinate formats, displayed grids, etc.);
  • Saved and displayed landmarks.

How to create a new workspace?

  • Click on the “Maps menu and on “Available maps;
  • In the installed maps list, click on the “Switch workspace button;


  • Click on the “Create button;
  • Enter a name for your new workspace and click on “Ok to validate;
  • The workspace is created and selected;
  • Click on “Add new maps to install all the maps you need.

Instead of a choosing a name in , you can enter the absolute path of an existing and empty folder to store all the workspace data (e.g. “/storage/sdcard/MapDataItaly/”).


How to switch to another workspace?

  • In the installed maps list, click on the “Switch workspace button;
  • Select the workspace you want to restore;
  • The current workspace is saved, the selected one restored.


How to delete a workspace?

  • In the installed maps list, click on the “Switch workspace button;
  • Be sure to have previously selected the workspace to delete;
  • Click on the “Delete button;
  • Click on “Yes to confirm.

Be careful that all the data associated to the selected workspace will be deleted, there is no way to restore it.